Valve Recondition and Repair

Online’s on-site valve reconditioning and machining service brings machine shop capability directly to the job site. Instead of the costly process of disassembling systems and transporting valves and machinery off-site for repair, Online S.S. uses highly specialized portable equipment to provide on-site precision repairs. The special equipment operated by Online’s experienced technicians provides a valuable service that results in substantial savings in time and money.

Valve reconditioning is an important part of Onlines’s core services. Online S.S. can provide a wide range of reconditioning services on valves of all sizes. A typical valve reconditioning operation includes:

  • Careful disassembly, taking care to avoid damage to the gasket surfaces as well as overstressing components
  • Inspect all components for defects, damage or excessive wear
  • Recondition all tapped holes or threads
  • Replace seat rings where appropriate
  • Repair, grind, machine or replace components such as discs, wedges, and stems
  • Packing glands are cleaned and repacked
  • Machine body-bonnet flange faces
  • New gasket or gaskets are installed
  • New studs and nuts or other specified fasteners are used for reassembly

All valve repair operations are conducted in accordance with manufacturer or customer specifications.