Safety Valve Testing & Repair


  • Test safety and relief valves at 100% operating pressure. No decrease in line pressure required.
  • Principle is to apply force to the valve spindle to overcome the spring tension of the valve.
  • Recorded data, knowledge of the valve seat area, and the line pressure is used is used to calculate the lifting force. Scale percentage = set pressure.
  • Performed with no interruption to plant production.
  • Valve is free to function normally during test.
  • Valve set point is confirmed and valve is sealed. Adjustment to proper set will be done if required. Testing equipment remains in place during the adjustment.

Provincially Licenced

  • British Columbia license # LBP0000995  Class SRV
  • Saskatchewan Set/ Service pressure relief devices # QCP-0129-001
  • Saskatchewan Contractor licence # QCP 3595   Reg. # 0129

Online Testing

    • The test of safety and relief valves on line under normal operating conditions
    • Test results are within plus or minus ½ % of set pressure
    • Test provides a date marked certified printout of:
    • Valve lift pressure
    • Line pressure at the valve
    • Set pressure of the valve
    • Reseat pressure

Benefits of Safety Valve Online Testing

    • Plant production is not interrupted while valves are tested.
    • Valves are not restricted and operate normal during testing.
    • Adjustments to the valves set point is completed without removing the equipment.
    • Eliminates the removal of valves in proper working condition.